Thursday, December 12, 2019

It takes someone really smart to screw up that phrase

But Gun Controllers are up to the challenge.

Of course, it may just be that nobody is as blind as the man who refuses to see ...


Arthur said...

"nobody is as blind as the man who refuses to see ..."

Or as above the law as those who create or enforce the laws...

Beans said...

Which, pretty much from day 1 the various governments that make up our Government started miss-understanding that 'infringement' phrase.

The seizure of weapons during the Whiskey Rebellion was a big one.

But think. All the things our various rulers have banned for our protection. Brass knuckles. Switchblade knives. Butterfly knives. Saps and blackjacks. You know, thug weapons. Why? Because supposedly thugs use them and only thugs. We've been banning them for over 100 years in one form or another because thugs. Yet they clearly fit the definition of 'arms.'

And, really, brass knuckles. Illegal in so many places. But 'Tiger claws' for women, basically a bar with claws that stick out between the fingers when held in the palm, are 100% legal... Weird.

Arms. All arms. Not just guns. Not just sporting guns. (Subtle hint, people have been killing prey with spears, knives, darts, rocks, arrows, javelins etc for like forever, yet the ones that support 'hunting only guns' conveniently forget about all the non-guns and non-bow weapons used in hunting. Short sword? Heck yeah, been used in hunting boar and bear for like forever. So me carrying a short sword for hunting purposes...)

Murphy(AZ) said...

Who would have thought, in the intervening years since the Bill of Rights was written, that it would come to this: Liberals, or Democrats, are calling for the state of Virginia to mobilize the National Guard to seize the property (guns) of law-abiding citizens because the Soros-funded Socialists have elected anti-American politicians who have passed unconstitutional laws that will not reduce gun violence or crime. They do not put the criminals in jail, they do not support law enforcement, they allow law-breaking invaders to roam our cities without fear of removal, and they now are treating convicts as first-rate citizens by restoring their right to vote.

What the hell has happened to America? When this impeachment foolishness is over and Donald Trump wins re-election by even greater margins than in 2016, when Democrats wander through the smoking remains of what used to be their political careers, when the devil finally takes George Soros, where will our great nation be then?

The pendulum is beginning to swing back even now. The sh*t-storm that has been going on for the last three years will fester and boil, and it will revisit the Democrats at the first possible opportunity. Republicans will beat them with their own rules which will change or vanish from moment to moment, just as we have seen under Schiff and Nadler.

If they can manage to disarm some of the citizens, they will reduce others to cower in fear, and maybe reduce or delay the number of politicians who end up dangling from lamp posts in the not-too-distant future.

Rick C said...

" When this impeachment foolishness is over and Donald Trump wins re-election by even greater margins than in 2016"

Things are gonna be lit if he wins the popular vote. NPV talk will end overnight for a generation.