Friday, December 20, 2019

Are U.S. Navy Captains now in charge of Carnival Cruise ships?

2 Carnival Cruise ships collide in Cozumel, Mexico; at least 6 people injured.

On the plus side, it wasn't a Destroyer running into the world's largest container ship.  On the down side, one of the ships was docked, so I'm guessing that at least one Carnival Captain is polishing up resume.doc.

Dang, we were just there three weeks ago.  How come all the fun happens when I'm gone?


LSP said...


Beans said...

Sounds like the captain of the ramming ship might have gone to the same school as the captain of the Costa Concordia...

Borepatch said...

LSP, if the Navy thinks I'm being hard on them then maybe they should stop going Social Justice promotions to ship CO.

Beans said...

Or SJW promotions to any command position.

Seriously, the chief bridge officer is having a hissy fit with the chief CIC officer, so they're not talking, the crew spending more time attending lectures and presentations than fixing critical equipment, learning how to actually work the equipment, or doing things like standing wing-bridge watch in cluttered waters. I mean, how hard is it to not see the biggest, least maneuverable ship on the water.

It's almost like they purposely steered the Navy ship into the path.

If it was my navy, every officer, every warrant and every chief in CIC, Engineering and Bridge would have been shirt-canned, immediately. Then do some serious review of all lesser folk to see if they were redeemable or too damaged, and if too damaged, either move them some place 'safe' or let them leave honorably (unless their actions actively warranted a less-than-honorable or worse discharge.)

Pour encourager les autres!

Murphy(AZ) said...

Geez, talk about your basic "Aw, sh*t!" career moment.