Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Quote of the Day, Progressives and Trump edition

Great question:
Have the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States and Trump’s first few months in office altered your priors about concentrating power in the federal government?  Do you believe that the only, or the only sensible, response to Trump’s ascendancy is to work harder to ensure that the like of Trump is never again elected to high political office – that is, to work harder to ensure that power is forevermore in the hands only of ‘good’ people?  Or are you now more open to proposals to reduce the reach and the power of at least the national government?  If not the latter, why not?

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Richard said...

Dream on. This would require the left to respect constitutional norms. They only care about power. Held by them. If they ever get power again, it is over. And they will get power again they way the country is split. If we are to preserve any sort of constitutional norms, we have to give over the notion that the US is divinely ordained to be one country. Let the leftists have their own country to screw up and then we can have a reasoned debate about the right scope for national government vs state/local and government vs private.