Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ah, "Experts"

Headline: "Psychiatry group tells members they can defy 'Goldwater Rule' and comment on Trump's mental health."  Ann Althouse comments:
Let them speak, and then the rest of us will speak about whether they are professionals deserving of deference or human beings like the rest of us who can't keep our political preferences from skewing whatever it is we might think about some pressing issue of the day.

Go ahead, expose yourselves. Let us see all narcissism, impulsivity, poor attention span, paranoia, and other traits that impair your ability to lead.
Without experts, whatever should we do?


Chris said...

Armchair anything. Psychiatrists, quarterbacks/coaches, generals, Web ninjas, etc. And me for pointing them out, I guess.

Reg T said...

There is no such thing as an "expert" in the field of psychiatry. It has never been a science, and it probably never will be, based on the individuals who go into it as a career. Even psychology is fraught with bias, "magical thinking", and a whole lot of narcissism and arrogance.

Stop and think for a minute about how popular is the desire of psychiatrists, psychologists, and "bio-ethicists" to remove pedophilia from the DSM and "normalize it, so it is no longer a disorder, a crime, or even a moral failing. It remains a truism that so many who enter the field of psychiatry (and psychology) are sadly in need of treatment themselves - although treatment these days has devolved to pharmaceutical management, instead of therapy and teaching the tools helpful for dealing with the issues from which people suffer.