Friday, July 14, 2017

Goldilocks and the Three Berettas - A Brigid Guest Post

Goldilocks goes to the gun store to select a pistol for self-defense.  The sales representative shows her several models in different sizes to look at.

"This gun is too big!" she exclaimed.
So she picked up the second gun
"This gun is too big, too!"  she whined.
So she tried the last and smallest gun
"Ahhh, this gun is just right," she sighed.

But when confronted later by the angry bear, the tiny round only pissed it off, and the bear ate Goldilocks.

MORAL OF THE STORY, for primary self-defense, bigger is better.

(and bears who live on porridge are going to be hungry).


burt said...

"Bigger is better" - I completely agree.


It isn't the size of the handgun. It's the caliber of the bullet, and the amount of powder in the cartridge that propels the bullet toward the target.

CC weapons are available in almost all calibers. Considering recoil and the size of the handgun, pick the largest caliber you feel comfortable with and a handgun you can safely handle.

IMO the smallest self-defense round anyone should ever use is .380 ACP (also known as a "short 9") - and even that is kinda small.

Borepatch said...