Saturday, July 8, 2017

A Little Something to Celebrate - A Brigid Guest Post

I try not and use this as a platform for my author stuff, but I wanted to let you know that to celebrate Small Town Roads being reviewed for a large literary organization's annual international book award (the organization giving it 5 stars, and finalists announced 9-1-17).
I'm giving away 50 free copies. Nothing to join, view, or share on social media, just click and get a free kindle copy. Every 1 out of 2 clickees win. And as always - if anyone buys or wins a copy and wants another autographed one, just let me know your address at cliodna58 at gmail dot com and it will be snail mailed to you.

Here's the link for the free books:

Listed as "Christian Fiction" it's not a "preachy book" but details those values that my generation was raised with. The main character is loosely based on my young Mom, the first female deputy sheriff in her county.

Here's a sample chapter that I posted once.

Thank you everyone for supporting me when the blog shut down and for supporting my writing here. The opportunity is appreciated more than you all know.


LindaG said...


Murphy(AZ) said...

I pre-bought "Small Town Roads" when it was first offered and was not disappointed. I'm glad to see that people who know these things "officially" think it worth 5 stars, too!

Brigid said...

Thanks everyone - the books are all picked up and I hope everyone enjoys.

Rev. Paul said...

A award richly deserved.

FrankC said...

Entered too late and missed the pick. Boo!
Bought a copy. Hooray!

Patrick said...

Got the book as a gift earlier this year (one I requested). I now have all of your books. Love them. Very glad you're posting here. I subscribe to many blogs. I usually skim over many articles reading the occasional one all the way through. I ALWAYS read yours all the way through. I've not been disappointed at the effort yet. Reading your blog posts is like getting a chapter of a good book for free every time you post.

Brigid said...

Thank you again! And Frank C. thanks for purchasing - if you want an autographed copy, send Borepatch your address and I'll get you one. That goes for you too Patrick! I have a few author's copies left the publisher gave me.

Patrick said...

That's awesome and thank you! Now I can share :-)

BTW - between your stories and those from a friend, my wife and are having talks about timing on adoption. Our oldest is heading to college, youngest turned 10 today, so we're starting the research on how to make that happen as the room in the house frees up a bit.