Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Cats and dogs, living together

Microsoft finally confirmed that Hell has indeed frozen over – Ubuntu is at long last available from the Windows Store. 
Canonical's Linux distro is now available for installation on Windows Store on Insider build 16215 and higher. Windows 10 already supports Ubuntu via the Windows Subsystem for Linux, rolled out in the Creators Update earlier this year
Microsoft says the advantages of installing the Windows Store version of Ubuntu are more reliable and faster downloads as well as support for installing and running different distros side by side. For example, if you already have a legacy Ubuntu distro installed, your Windows Store downloaded version will run "alongside but isolated" from it.
I'm pretty sure that this is one of the signs of the Apocalypse.


Old NFO said...

Snerk... After how many years??? Remember what BIlly boy did to DR DOS?

drjim said...

Gates and Co have stolen more code than will ever be known.

Yep, I remember them changing some things so the only version of DOS that was usable was theirs.

Kristophr said...

Microsoft is seeing the writing on the wall.

The Internet lives in UNIX. Damned near all online retailers are using a LAMP server.

Windows assumes the person at the PC owns it. UNIX does not.

lee n. field said...

Left the Insider Build stuff installing on a shop computer. Will attempt Ubuntu on it tomorrow.

Rick C said...

Not only does it work, but you can even download an X Window server and run X GUI apps on your desktop.

SiGraybeard said...

You know, this makes me think maybe I've been doing things backwards for the last five or ten years. Instead of making my machines dual boot with Linux the default and only going to use Windoze when I need it, maybe I should keep them Windoze machines and run a virtual machine window that's Linux. Having to reboot to use my 3D CAD or "speeds and feeds" programs is horribly, unspeakably inconvenient.

The plan would be to use Linux for my casual stuff: email, blogging, and office apps, then switch back to the Windoze desktop for my CAD, CAM, Math and other things that only run in the Win Universe.

Rick C said...

With this, there's a decent chance you won't even need the Linux VM unless you really want it.