Friday, July 21, 2017



Murphy(AZ) said...

Hey! As long as there is an inch of free-board over the waves, there is HOPE!!!

Across the seven seas, since the dawn of time, there have been people betting that the last, slim hope they might have would be enough to see them through to a new dawn; just one more sunrise! Many of us, born of seafaring stock, we know from the cook-fire legends of our families, that there are and forever will be, God-fearing souls who believe that the longest odds against survival will see their way through to the shining sunrise-after-the-storm that brings our lost sea-farers safely to home!

My great grandmother called these people Fools and Idiots! You go out into the deep ocean, what do you think is going to happen? D*mn fool could have stayed here and planted potatoes!

bruce said...

what does oh ops mean?