Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Brush up on your 31337 H4x0rz skillz

Dwight breaks down the talks that will be going on at Black Hat and DEFCON 25 (how the heck did there get to be 25 DEFCONs?  I remember DEFCON 3 ...).

Most interesting talks (to me):

Exploiting Network Printers (a target-rich environment)

Hacking Tesla from WiFi to CAN Bus

Breaking Electronic Door Locks like CSI: Cyber

Real-time RFID Cloning (remember my old post on RFID and Chiappa Revolvers?  That talked about Black Hat in 2007)

Open Source safe cracking robots (I hope they name the robot "Feynman")

But we're almost to August, which means cool security stuff.  Dwight breaks it down well.

You know that "31337" d00d?  Don't be that 31337 d00d ...


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