Thursday, October 1, 2015

The hypocrisy of the left: Green "Non-Profits"

This is actually sickening:
Anyway, a couple of folks, including Roger Pielke, Jr. and Steve McIntyre, both folks who get accused of being oil industry funded but who in fact get little or no funding from any such source, wondered where  [Professor Jagadish] Shukla's funding comes from.   Shukla gets what looks like a very generous salary from George Mason University of $314,000 a year.  Power to him on that score.  However, the more interesting part is where he makes the rest of his money, because it turns out his university salary is well under half his total income.  The "non-profits" he controls pays him, his family, and his friends over $800,000 a year in compensation, all paid out of government grants that supposedly are to support science.
It's grifters and con artists all the way down.  But at least there's no "profit" motive to corrupt things.

The punch line?  Professor Shukla is the author of the letter to President Obama asking that climate skeptics be prosecuted under the RICO statute.

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burt said...

Where, oh where do I get a job that pays me $314k/yr starting, with the possibility of getting almost another $500k/yr?

Hmmm.... maybe if I sell my principles.....