Thursday, October 1, 2015


The house is almost all done - a quick tidy of the detritus that settled during the last room clean ups and vacuuming and dusting.

Err, and #2 Son tidying his room up ...

But the house across the street just sold.  In 4 hours.  Confidence is high that Camp Borepatch will have new owners in the next little while.

But man I'm worn out.


Brigid said...

I understand. I think with the whole piloting thing I moved 12 times in about 25 years. I'm on what I hope is the LAST move, but for a little cabin in the country for the weekends.

Tony Tsquared said...

I live in a small neighborhood in NE ATL and we have had 2 houses in our neighborhood go on the market this year. The first sold for the asking price on the first day. The second was the smallest house, on the smallest lot, in the neighborhood. It received 3 offers at the asking price on the first day of sale. A bidding war started and it ended up going for almost 20K above the asking price.

I plan on moving in the next 6 months. With the current sales I am feeling fairly confident that my place will go for $100k more than I could have gotten for it 3 years ago. It is a sellers market in the ATL. Good luck.