Thursday, October 29, 2015

Department of Energy has too big a budget

Rick emails to point out this howler: Pumpkins cause climate change:
How scary are your jack-o’-lanterns? Scarier than you think, according to the Energy Department, which claims the holiday squash is responsible for unleashing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
This is the sort of thing that best illustrates how "Climate Change" (i.e. ZOMG GLOBAL WARMENINZ!!!1!) has jumped the shark.  It is nothing but media whoring by governmental officials in search of bigger budgets.


kotetu said...

All of our plant waste is very, very important and belongs in the land fills. In a million years we will still need fossil fuels! How else are we going to make more if not through such methods?

R.K. Brumbelow said...

If a pumpkin grows it absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere, sequestering it for a time, then releases it as it dies and decays. How are thy increasing CO2? It dos seem rather difficult to spontaneously create Carbon. Now I understand they may release Methane or some such but I do not think the DoE is talking about that.

Also, can someone show me where the DOE is mentioned in the executive branch listing of powers in the Constitution?