Monday, October 19, 2015

#1 Son and I fixed the motorcycle together

He had decided that he wanted to ride it again, but it hadn't been started for a year.  And so I invited him to join me for the following:

1. Take the battery cover off (hello, philips head screwdriver!) and charge up the battery.

2. Siphon the gas out of the gas tank.

3. Fill the tank with new gas with carburettor cleaning additive.  Explain how a carburettor works.  Show the parts, where it enters the cylinders, etc.

4. Replace the spark plugs.  Explain gapping and fouling.

5. Work the choke to start it right up.  Explain what a choke does.  Explain why a choke does what it does.

And it started right up, the first time.  Joke about how, come the nuclear (pronounced NUK-ular) apocalypse all that will still be there are cockroaches and Honda engines.

But it was really nice spinning wrenches with him, and nice seeing him look at me with That Expression when the engine turned over - an expression not unlike  one he had when he was little, before he'd learned that his Dad was, well, mortal.  Pretty nice, that.


libertyman said...

Father and son working together is too rare these days, more power to you both!

drjim said...

After I had my stents put in I needed to do some work on my wife's car. I called my son over to "help" me, and he wound up doing it all while I handed him the tools.

Yep, it's a good feeling to see your young 'uns do work like that, and do it right.

Bob said...

Great story, glad you two enjoyed the experience!