Wednesday, October 28, 2015

So riddle me this - why should I ever vote for the GOP?

Worst.  Cyber. Security. Bill. Ever.

There's no security in the Cyber Security bill.  There is a whole lot of goodies for the Donor Class.  Because the Donor Class expects to get what the Donor Class expects.  And they expect to get it from us.

Next, you'll tell me that the National Computer Security Center has been spying on us and weakening the encryption we use to protect our bank accounts.  Oh, wait ...

And please don't leave comments on how the Democrats are worse.


R.K. Brumbelow said...

My response to the pseudonymous poster violet blue who ranted about how the law is bad (and do not get me wrong it is, but not for the reasons anyone is ranting about):

And because you decided to remain relatively anonymous and use a handle your comment will be relegated to the class of someone else is lying on the net. Privacy != anonymity and most of the net is public no privacy is expected in public. One should presume that anything you post online, anything you move through online areas is monitored at least by the private companies that own the lines. If you think anything else you are naive at best. From the early days we have even told you all "Do not expect privacy on the net" and "Anything you post or email should be treated like you put it on a bulletin board."

Old NFO said...

Security is less than good these days... If we're not getting hacked by the bad guys, we're getting hacked by the 'good' guys... sigh

Paul Bonneau said...

You shouldn't vote for the GOP. Or that other party either.