Friday, October 9, 2015

Austin blogshoot alert

Lawrence emails to point to tomorrow's Austin blogshoot:
Dwight Brown of Whipped Cream Difficulties and I are putting on a gunny/VRWC blog shooting meetup/Tweetup at the Eagle Peak Gun Range in Leander on Saturday, October 10, at 5 PM, to be followed by a group dinner at the Oasis at 7 PM. Bring ear and eye protection as well as any weapon you’d like to shoot (no full metal jacket ammo, as per range rules). You can come to the shoot and skip dinner, or vice versa.
If you’re interested in attending, drop me a line (lawrenceperson at gmail dot com) so I know how many people to expect at the range and for dinner).
Dwight and Lawrence are old buddies from my Austin days, and this sounds like a ton of fun in the area.  Plus you get to eat at Oasis and speculate on just how long it will take for Lake Travis to entirely evaporate.

Anyone in the Austin area should check this out.

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