Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Quote Of The Day #2: Gun Control screws poor people

The Czar of Muscovy looks at the disaster that is Chicago and observes that disaster is not evenly distributed.  Not only is crime concentrated in poor (mostly Black) neighborhoods, the onerous cost of firearms licensing there is prohibitively expensive for those same (poor, Black) people:
So if you’re an impoverished Chicagoan who wants to take back the neighborhood for decent folks in the fastest way possible—an armed and defensively ready neighborhood—be ready for a few neighbors to shell out about $2,000 each. That might be a monster-sized chunk of your annual income in those neighborhoods, but you can do it, right? After all, the super-trendy neighborhoods in Chicago all did it. Maybe you could stop blowing your cash on stupid stuff like kale, arugula pesto, and tawny ports, Greshamites. Maybe you Englewood residents could have your kids not attend Minecraft camp for one summer, like the folks in the upscale Beverly community did?
Seems Democrats are hypocrites.  Who'da thunk?


Weetabix said...

Cell phones are already cheap enough. They need a new program: Obamaguns.

lee n. field said...
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lee n. field said...

Where does his $2000 number come from?

Ill-i-noise's CCW is $150, not the $300 he reports. Required training I have seen go as low as $125, now that the initial surge has thinned out.

kotetu said...


Costs add up...
FOID: $10
firearm, including tax and transfer: ~$300-500
ammunition: $50-100
16 hours of training: ~$200
IL CCL (resident/non-resident): $150 / $300
passport style photo: $10

That's $720 on the low side and $1,120 on the high side (non-resident though). Not $2,000 but a hefty chunk of change.

kotetu said...

Oh, and they seem to have a safe storage law, so add on another $25-50 for a small safe or $10 if they opt for a trigger lock of some kind.