Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Why drivers should always watch for motorcycles



Will said...

My Dad told me about a wreck that he saw in the 60's (he may have towed the car). VW Bug ran a light, and got t-boned by a Harley. The bike punched through the passenger door, and killed the car's passenger. Dad said the bike was ride-able, after they extracted it. I'm inferring from that that the rider himself missed the car and was able to ride it afterwards, but don't know for a fact.

Jeffrey Smith said...

As a teen, I went on a group trip that included a week in Rome. This was in 1973.
Our group was walking to the restaurant where we ate all our meals when a Fiat came round the corner and banged directly into one of the girls. She was completely unhurt. The Fiat had a perceptible dent at the point of impact.