Sunday, December 28, 2014

Save the planet - pave the rain forests

There is new, direct, observational evidence that the most effective thing we could do to reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere is pave over the tropical rainforests.

Don’t believe me? Look at this map of CO2 emissions by region. It’s brand-new data from NASA’s just-lofted Orbiting Carbon Observatory.
Hey, you don't want to be a Science Denier, do you?  Well, do you, punk?


Old NFO said...

THAT is going to upset a few apple carts... :-)

tsquared said...

That makes complete dimocratic since.

Paul Bonneau said...

I have always thought that Mother Gaia, who ordinarily would have no use for big-brained apes, put us on this planet to recover her fossilized carbon and re-inject it into the biosphere. I think she doesn't like ice ages.