Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Social Justice, explained

My attitude is that anyone who speaks the words "Social Justice" pays cash.


Goober said...

Rank opportunism.

It makes me sick.

I've spoken about this over at my place, too. To wit: if you're pissed off at the government, take it out on the government. Go throw rocks at cops if you think they murdered your peer and covered it up. Do it with my blessing. Nothing is more patriotic than a little bit of violent protest when the time calls for such.

But the second you start looting and stealing and burning the properties of innocents, you are no longer protesting shit - you've just gone on a selfish, nihilistic bender for nothing other than your own self-satisfaction, and rank opportunism.

The fact that these people likely destroyed their community forever will be forgotten tomorrow, when the first "the poor, poor people of Ferguson" news story hits the stations, al la Detroit.

Al Sharpton will accuse White People of "white flight" because they are evil and racist (as opposed to just being tired of their stores being burned down).

ASM826 said...

If white people had gone to Ferguson, robbed the stores and then burned the looted buildings, how would the press have covered that? What would the police investigations be like? How many security videos would have been viewed in an effort to arrest and charge the thieves and arsonists?

If the response is different because black people committed these crimes, how is that not racist?

bruce said...

behind all this is the lack of job opportunities. behind that is a man who thinks social justice is more important than... whatever. In front of it all is the outcome. Where is basic math education?

Goober said...


Lack of job opportunities is just gonna get worse now that they burned the businesses down...