Friday, December 12, 2014

Social Justice Warriors: tools of Corporate America?

Your Captain rants about the hypocrites at the Mozilla Foundation:
The gall of these nazi, anti-free speech assholes who dared to fire an employee for making a political donation, now go begging for money.  I literally would rather donate to the nazi party before donating to these fuckers.
Actually, while that's skirting on the edge of Godwinland, that's about right.  There's quite good reason to think that Hollywood waited until the time was ripe before they used the Gay Marriage controversy to get rid of the then CEO of Mozilla, Brenden Eich:
It’s quite a theory, and I’m not sure what to make of it, but via Instapundit I ran into the allegation that the real reason Brendan Eich was removed as the head of Mozilla wasn’t the homosexual “marriage” issue at all, but rather that he stood in the way of Hollywood-friendly restrictions called Digital Rights Managment (“DRM”) being added to the open source browser Firefox.
For the non technical press, this is a very good introduction to the security problems of DRM.  The link to Sony's shenanigans with their DRM that shipped on music CDs is worth following for one of the most infamous examples of Corporations run amok, intentionally infecting their customers with malware to try to stop MP3 copying.

And so to the title of this post.  The Social Justicce Warriors (SJWs) are filled to overflowing with righteous rage on whatever the topic is that is near and dear to their hearts.  The topic is irrelevant to Corporate America, but the chance to harness that rage to advance the Corporate agenda is plausibly too good to pass up.  It would be trivial to "leak" information on, say, a certain person's political contributions to the Right Sort of SJWs.

And then DRM is suddenly in your browser, because the guy who was fighting against Corporate America had been defenestrated.

And the Mozilla Foundation is now begging for money "to support Open Source".  Riiiiiight.

So what is plausible to conclude about the SJWs in general and the Mozilla Foundation in particular?  They're Useful Idiots for advancing the cause of Corporate America.  No thanks.  As the Captain points out, donating to Nazis at least means that you're donating to people who aren't tools of interests bigger than they imagine.


JayNola said...

Speaking of which do you know anything about Puffin? The browser not the maritime bird.

Glen Filthie said...

Hmmmmm. There is also the freedom of people to run their own companies as they see fit too, BP. And, as you noted in a previous post - when socialists get control of anything they usually run it into the ground as they are doing here. It's a win for everyone!

Socialists and fascists employ the same tactics and in my opinion the differences between them are purely conversational. The SJW crowd are fools that will work with and follow any shyster willing to feed their egos.

chiefjaybob said...

Now, I'm pretty simple, and I haven't delved into it, because I'm simple and I suppose I really DNGAF, however, I noticed something interesting about Firefox's begging: The spot claims, "If everyone donated just $3, our fundraiser would be over in less than an hour." Which is the exact same verbiage Wikipedia is currently running for their beg-a-thon. Seems to me I want to remember some Dem fundraisers saying the same thing, too. Is $3 some special number that they figure most people will quickly part with? I guess maybe my tin foil is a bit too tight.....

Borepatch said...

Glen, sure. And companies make terrible branding (pun intended) decisions all the time - that's why Johnson & Johnson's response to the Tylenol scare is held up as an example of doing things right.

The problem for the Mozilla Foundation is that they appear to be hypocrites, and even worse to be hypocrites that are rubbishing something REALLY important to the Open Source crowd (free speech/free association). The Open Source crowd was always their key customer base.

The fact that they've done this to themselves while being tools for Hollywood will not buy them any friends with open sourcers.

It's a huge own goal.

But yeah - their company, their rules.

Borepatch said...

Jay, I haven't heard of that. I hear good things about Pale Moon.

Anonymous said...

The protest has already been forgotten, it is time again to remember why to switch away from Mozilla!

Post again on Twitter, Facebook or wherever, let people again know why it is necessary to stop using Mozilla products!

Sherm said...

There's a problem when you have conflicting priorities. I moved away from Mozilla months ago and have been quite happy with Opera. The conflict is my wife is happy with Firefox and, thank you very much, does not care to learn to use another browser. Sometimes you just have to pick your battles.
Every time I use her computer I'm reminded that firefox is an inferior product.

Ken said...

There are a couple of things for which I have to use Firefox, so I keep it updated -- otherwise I use Opera now.