Thursday, December 11, 2014

Doofus of the day

Man attends Court with drugs in his pocket:
A 23-year-old man who was attending a court arraignment for drug charges apparently forgot to leave the drugs in his pocket in the car.

Michael Durban, 23, was going through screening at the Marion County Circuit Court annex on Aumsville Highway SE Monday when officials at the facility discovered he was in possession of hypodermic needles and a cotton ball that likely contained heroin, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday.

He was being arraigned on a charge of possession of heroin and allegedly told deputies, “I got mixed up, I thought I left it in my car,” the sheriff’s office said in a press release.
Yeah, I'm sure that they were impressed that you were going to leave them in his car, Einstein.


Anonymous said...

It's good he kept it on him. If he left it in his car, kids might have found it.

At least that's the excuse the defendent used for why he brought his AK into the county lockup. Not that he was there to break his son out of jail. And when the sheriff told him to put it down and he was cocking it instead, he said he was just making sure it was on safe first.

abnormalist said...

This happens ALOT more than you would think.

A few years back I was called out on a Network job at the county courthouse, had to go through security theater rigmarole. Two people ahead of me a guy had a one hitter pipe on his key chain.
Dropped his keys in the cup as he went to the metal detector and the deputy holding the cup looked at it, turned to the guy and just said "Dude! Dude!? Really?"

He was nice, he just took it off the key ring and threw it away. Told the guy he could get him for residue and paraphernalia. Then made an announcement to the line saying "If any one ELSE has something on them they shouldn't I may not be as nice, go put it in your car... NOW" Line got a lot shorter right then

Unknown said...

Heh. We need more cops like that. Fight crime. Not people.

Matt W said...

At least he actually showed up to court