Monday, December 22, 2014

"Green" energy will add 40% to cost of electricity in UK

I guess that "sustainable" energy is energy that needs continuing subsidies to keep the lights on:
The cost of household electricity will rise by as much as 40 per cent by the end of the decade because of the Government’s green energy policies.
Official figures — initially withheld by ministers — show an alarming increase in the price of electricity caused by generous subsidies to wind farms as well as other policies ...
Gosh, I wonder why they hushed this up. /sarcasm
And by 2030, when thousands of planned offshore wind turbines are finally operating, the burden will be even greater, the numbers show. The average household could be paying an extra 60 per cent for electricity – equivalent to £350 more a year.
Medium-sized businesses will be hit very hard, according to the new data. On average such companies will see electricity bills rise by more than £500,000 a year – a cost likely to be passed on to consumers.
Other than that, it will be awesome.  Indeed, the very finest in electricity.  /sarcasm

Really, it's nothing less than a war waged against the middle class by the "Elite".


tsquared said...

Back in the early 90's I had a buddy of mine get into the installation of the wind generators in western Europe. We ran into each other in 1998 and after way too much of the local libations he told me that the cost of the average windmill was about $1.2 million and had a 20 to 25 year lifespan. That windmill would provide power for 6 to 8 households if they were total electric. He made his living putting these things up but he knew it was a flawed technology that would always be more expensive than other forms of energy.

Differ said...

Only the finest electricity harvested from renewable sources..... that made me laugh..... Pythonesque!

Chris said...

The eventual goal of the Elites, even if we didn't have U.N. Agenda 21 to define it for us, can be discerned by analyzing what they want to abolish:
1. Cheap energy - we'll have less disposable income for things the Elites judge unnecessary.
2. Cheap, individual transportation (cars, affordable air travel, etc.) - can't have the peasants seeing what life is like away from home. They might want to move to another fiefdom. Remember that they now plan to put black boxes and GPS trackers in all cars in another few years.
3. Guns - They know their final solution won't fly if the plebians can fight back.