Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The "No Nukes" pledge is actually no big deal

Some folks are a bit concerned that Obama is going to unilaterally pledge not to use nuclear (pronunciation: "NOOK you lahr") weapons. they think that this is a Very Bad Idea, because any reduction in uncertainty gives confidence to evil dictators.

They're right, but it doesn't really matter, for a reason small and a reason large.

The small reason is that any agreement that we make is one we could break, if we really had to. Sure, people would hate our guts for doing it, but if it was suffer their hate or let the biohazards get released in New York City, then this wouldn't slow a future administration down by more than a second or two.

As to whether it would slow this administration down, ponder all of Obama's campaign promises, and count up not just how many he's broken, but how many he's pulverized. The "uncertainty" that the evil dictators will suffer will be in trying to figure out if they're the rubes this time around.

But that's the small reason. The big reason is that nobody believes that he'd use these weapons in those circumstances anyway. Look, I can say that there's no way I'd ever ever ever wear a tutu to the symphony, and I can cross my heart and hope to die when I say it. You don't need a signed paper from me saying this, because it ain't fixin' to happen.

So I think that all in all this current deal is a big bag of nothing. The reason to worry about the defense of the country isn't because this agreement would theoretically make it harder to defend. Rather, the problem is that Obama doesn't seem willing to defend it, agreement or no agreement.

Just because you have a CCW, pack a .45, and shoot perfect scores doesn't mean that you won't end up dead in a dark parking garage with your unfired pistol in your hand.


David said...

I'll start the bidding at $50 to get you to wear a tutu to the symphony. Do we have $60??

Z@X said...

I'll go the $60...

Do we have $75?

Borepatch said...

I knew that would be waving red meat ...


GuardDuck said...

Heck, I'd wear the tutu, it's the symphony you'd have trouble getting me to. :)

Phillip said...

That last line is the frightening part, because it's not just his own life he's not defending.

KurtP said...

What I'm wondering is- when something happens- is he going to do what you'd expect an uber Lib to do,,,like completely loose his chit and start hitting out before the real cause is identified.

WV- still on easter time---unction

Brad_in_IL said...


There's one other component that everyone seems to be forgetting here . . . Treaties are valid only after they've been ratified by a TWO-THIRDS majority of the senate. With 'only' 59 seats more or less in Obama's camp, can he get the required 8 additional votes needed for ratification? If not, The One can sign all the treaties he wants, but they're pretty much useless. Then again, there's not much stopping The One from unilateral disarmament via exec order or some other dastardly means. Gah.

Word Ver --> ateerm

A Term is how long I hope Obama holds national office.
- Brad

Atom Smasher said...

Plus, it's more than just claiming we're not going to punch as hard as we can, it's the freezing of new upgrades and the like. In my opinion Obama doesn't give a crap about anyone else's nukes; he just wants to make sure WE don't have a heavy punch.

He truly hates this country, bet on it.