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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Things I did not know

Today is Robert E. Lee day, a holiday in Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi.  I guess that this is a day for reflection that a series of successes can lead to a feeling that you can accomplish anything.  Great talent and a string of successes are no guarantee of future success, and that a dash of humility is a great tonic to the soul - and can help us resist the urge to order General Pickett to charge the Yankees on yon ridge, across that empty field.


Sabra said...

Virginia has a similar holiday, Lee-Jackson day. They added in Stonewall Jackson. It was yesterday; it's always the Friday before MLK Day (and predates the holiday by quite a bit).

True story: My junior high school was named after Jefferson Davis. Well-meaning liberals decided this was offensive to a school with an 80% black student body (no actual students, or their parents, cared). The decision was made to rename the school after someone else with the surname Davis. The choice? One of the lawyers who argued Brown vs. the Board of Education: Stonewall Jackson Davis.

knottedprop said...

Well in honour of my adopted homeland the CSA....

Fill Yer Hands said...

Georgia used to celebrate it in this way, too. Now they designate the Friday after Thanksgiving as Robert R. Lee day.