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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Geek humor

Huh.  I hadn't known that "EMACS" stands for that.



lelnet said...

"Eight megs and constantly swapping" is intrinsically dated, and that was obvious even in days of yore, when an 8M image triggering swapping by itself wasn't yet utterly insane, and when emacs might plausibly have fit into 8M.

On the other hand, "escape meta alt control shift" seems to be _permanently_ a good description.

Viva vi! Vi forever! :)

A Reader said...

Real programmers use butterflies

Jeremy Brock said...

Yeah, I thought it was 'escape meta alt control shift' too. It's not just a text editor, it's a lifestyle.

Not for me, though. I woke up one morning, couldn't feel my left pinky, switched to vi, and haven't looked back. When I'm feeling all 21st-centuryish, I use vim.

lee n. field said...

That's ollllld geek humor. I remember if from 20+years ago.

drjim said...

PERL = Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister

And from Larry Wall, no less.....