Thursday, June 17, 2021

Best Governor in the Republic

Ron DeSantis is sending Florida Law Enforcement to help police the border in Arizona and Texas:

Gov. Ron DeSantis pledged to send Florida law enforcement to the southern border in response to calls for help from Texas and Arizona as they try to manage the record-breaking number flow of migrants.

Florida law enforcement officials including Highway Patrol, nine different sheriff’s departments, and members of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, will travel to the southernmost counties of Texas and Arizona to secure the border. 

Boy, he's making the current Administration in Washington D.C. look pretty useless.


Aesop said...

Any word on when FL will be dumping Marco Amnesty ScRewYouBio, and how is DeSantis handling the drugs and illegals coming to FL with all those assets re-deployed?

Just curious.

BTW: about that drought in CA: It's raining in SoCal at the moment.
Like it never does from May to October.

Nothing is predictable. :)

Beans said...

DeSantis is still hitting hard the illegals and the drugs. One of the best ways to stop both issues, of course, is stopping the flow of illegals through the border.

Now if only DeSantis had the opportunity to sign Florida into Constitutional Carry, but we have too many feckless RINOs from South Florida to have that happen.

Ed Bonderenka said...

It's not hard to make this administration look useless.
Biden just did it in his sleep with Putin.

Old NFO said...

FL, GA, SC are all sending folks... Pubs are making the administration look even worse than it already is... And have told Abbott he 'cannot' build the fence on .gov land, only on Texas land.

Maniac said...

Man, I hope he runs for President. He could make Trump look like AOC.

Ygolonac said...

A plaster statue of Mickey Mouse makes the Biden administration* look useless.

At least you can use it as a paperweight or doorstop and not have to worry about it wandering off to follow squirrels...

van helsing said...

all to the good. he is also however catering to jews by them getting their own EMS. and he takes their orders wrt BDS and holohoax propaganda.

Glen Filthie said...

I am green with envy. The story I had was that Creepy Joe was giving him the gears on the phone and DeSantis wasn't having any of it. Joe loses his mud, and sternly tells him, "You WILL address me as 'MR.PRESIDENT'!"

DeSantis interrupts him and says, "I will not - and you can go f*** yourself."

And hung up in his ear.

I would give my left arm to see one of the provincial premieres up here tell Justin Turdo to go sod himself. This is a message that more of these neoliberal morons need to hear.