Saturday, June 6, 2020

Welcome to Florida

I've been really busy for the last two months, and it really cut into my blogging. You see, The Queen Of The World and I moved.

It turns out our timing couldn't have been better.  While we will miss our friends up north, we won't miss the insane Blue State politics.  It feels refreshingly normal down here.  And gun friendly, in distinct contrast to Maryland.  With riots as the special du jour, it's reassuring to be in a place where sheriffs publicly say that home invaders should expect to be shot.

And it's very nice indeed to be close to grandkids.  We took one to a spring training game a couple months back (before the Kung Flu insanity hit) and I'm looking forward to a lot more of that sort of thing.  And we don't have as many aches and pains in the warmer weather which is very nice indeed.

So Maryland is a little Bluer today, and Florida is a little Redder.  I suspect that there's a fair amount of this going on, as the people of the country despair of normal politics and sort themselves accordingly.


SiGraybeard said...

Welcome to Florida!

I hope your weather is a bit better than we've had on the "Space Coast" the last week.

The thing about the state that a lot of people don't get is that if you drive from the southern big cities to the west end of the panhandle, it's a two day drive, unless you like self-punishment. Even from here, it's nine hours and a change of time zone. It's literally like three different states.

Guess I need to move you down in my reading list to my fellow Florida bloggers!

Miguel GFZ said...

'Bout time.

Florida Supreme Court killed the AWB initiative. They lied in the ballot and got slapped 4-1

Gorges Smythe said...

The problem arises when the darn blue folks move and take their political poison with them. I'm glad you're enjoying your new home.

Glen Filthie said...

Well good on you guys. I hope you both have a ball.

Say... are there any plans for more rude tee shirts?😎

Raptor said...

Congrats on the move! Looks like you're a few counties north-ish of Mama and Papa Raptor. They moved down there roundabout 2 years ago and are loving it. At least, Papa Raptor's loving it. Mama Raptor, not so much... at least until winter rolls around and she remembers just how bad the snow and ice and cold were up here in DamnYankeeLand.

GuardDuck said...

Borepatch Plissken, escape to freedom.

Old NFO said...

Congrats on moving to free America!

Differ said...

Glad you are back in the southland

Beans said...

Yay! Double Yay! And just in time to get all your hurricane preps prepped now that water and basic supplies are back in the stores!

Have you already staked out a friendly gun store/gun range?

Whatever you do, don't throw away your winter stuff. Cold and Wet winter Florida, at least the parts above Orlando, really suck. But it's worth it.

And you came just in time to get settled and get ready for SpaceX launches (looking forward to Starship launches in the next few years.)

Head on down to Patrick Space Force Base. (Ex Patrick AFB, ex Banana River Naval Air Station, and yes, they still have the seaplane ramps.) Nice place, nice commissary.

Eric Wilner said...

Congratulations! I'd been somewhat mystified by the whole "Maryland" thing.
We finally escaped Silicon Valley for East Tennessee right at the end of last year, after about six years of trying to get the relocation organized. Got here just in time for the crazy to start, and, so far, this is a much better place to spend 2020 than California would have been. (I assume this will continue to be true through the volcanoes, earthquakes, space squids, and whatever the remainder of the year has to offer.)

Rev. Paul said...

Congrats! May your new digs be ever better than you think, and may your days there be brighter.

Ratus said...

Welcome to Florida BP.

One of these days we'll have to have a FL blogger get together and shoot.

As a couple of others have pointed out, Florida is not a small state. So picking a location for a meeting is a bit of a problem.