Monday, June 22, 2020

They called the Communist takeover, 70 years ago

Looking at the upheaval and rioting in the streets - and the pulling down the statues of Washington,  Jefferson, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt (so much for Mt. Rushmore), it's amazing just how prescient this comic book from the 1950s was about how Marxists would take over the country.

Is This Tomorrow was a full length (50 page) comic book from the 1950s, describing how a Communist takeover of America might happen.  It's quite interesting reading, as a time capsule of the intellectual wars of the day.  Sure, the details are very 1950s (the current race/class war is pretty different but hard to ignore) but the grand sweep of the strategy was all laid out way back then.

Sadly, the line Wolverines!!!1!! is not to be found in its pages.

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Pete said...

"His aim is to make you hate your fellow man." Sounds familiar, and seems to be happening to us...