Monday, June 15, 2020

More lousy data

I've written for years and years about the terrible state of the climate databases - you know, the ones that are used to justify a $50T (that's Trillion) looting of middle class wealth.  Lawrence emails to point out that it's not just climate data that is lousy.  There are really interesting things going on with Kung Flu statistics as well:
Accord to the Texas DHS coronavirus tracking map, as of today there are1,098 “estimated active” coronavirus cases in Walker county.

However, when you go to the website for Walker County itself, it shows precisely 223 listed cases, which it breaks down as “233 reported – 8 duplicates – 2 not county residents.” Indeed it breaks down those number into individual cases, anonymized into case numbers, sex, and age range.

Moreover, it says that 113 cases have “graduated out” (which I take to mean they’ve had it long enough to be considered recovered and not infectious), meaning there are only 110 active cases, which suggests that (depending on the culling boundary for graduated cases), the state statistics are off by a factor of 5 to 10 times compared to county statistics.
There's a lot more, including really interesting things happening with death data that suggests (to me) that the State government agencies are trying to hide a massive screw up in the Prison system.

Figures don't lie, but liars can figure.  Now extrapolate this to the entire country.  Heads should roll.


Ted said...

Listening to the media report on Covid stats I used to wonder if the Media thinks we're all stupid enough to believe what they are saying. But then I realized that these are all people who failed every STEM class they took in High School. They then went onto Party Schools for degrees in useless topics.

They are the idiots who don't know bad data when they see it. They are news readers who are good at reading stuff other people wrote for them.

Thinking for themselves will only get them fired from their big dollar jobs and they will never find another job that pays as well.

Glen Filthie said...

Aesop to the bridge! On the double! Heretic alert!!! Hopefully he finished those Tik Tok dance vids with the heroic chubster nurses in scrubs! Gene The Dancing Machine would no doubt approve.

This thing was a pant load from start to finish. There has been no resurgence of the pandemic now that all the (HAR HAR HAR!) "curve-flattening-measures" have been lifted either. Huh. It was just the flu after all. Who'da thunk it?

Why are you even dwelling on this BP? You're supposed to be virtue signaling your heart out to prove how much black lives matter to you!!! Maybe Aesop The Dancing Machine can explain to us why the virus doesn't spread during the peaceful protests too...? I await the lecture on pins and needles!!


SiGraybeard said...

I assume you saw that in New York, Generalissimo Cuomo said they're not allowed to ask any new Covid cases if they took part in any of the protests.

Instant removal of correlation between the disease and protests. No one can say that joining the protests was bad, but you know they'll be following the people from Trump's rally with a magnifying glass.

The insidious problem I see that's as bad as the crappy data they're using is the absence of data on everything else. Nobody is talking about the negatives that the responses to the virus are causing. Nobody is reporting on the number of suicides going up, the number of people dying at home rather than getting treatment for that pain in their arm that's a sign of a heart attack. Nobody is reporting that the number of appointments at oncologists is down to about 25% of normal, which means more people will find their cancer at stage 2 or higher instead of stage one or stage zero - which means cancer deaths will spike in year or two. And it goes on.

It's not just businesses that are being condemned to death, it's anyone who gets something else during this interval.

If all they track is the number of cases and the number of deaths "with, not from" Covid, that's all they'll ever know.

Aesop said...

I wish Glen the best of luck with attempting to gaslight Reality.

So, how did that work out for Captain Smith on the bridge of Titanic?

Last I looked, US COVID deaths continue to run about 1K/day since ending the lockdown, which is only about 18X worse than annual flu in any year.
Bummer for The Hoaxer "It's Just The Flu, Bro" Narrative, but it should be enough to get us to 300K+ COVID dead by New Year's, unless we manage to get another bloom or two in there, and go even higher.

120,000 dead Americans could not be reached for comment.