Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Why do American Jews vote Democrat?

Frequent commenter NITZAKHON asks over at his place.  He's Jewish, and is as mystified as I am.

But to me it seems like they're voting against their interest.  Perhaps cultural identity trumps religious identity for many, but it sure looks like the crocodile isn't going to eat them last.

UPDATE 12 March 2019 11:52: About sums it up:


Aaron said...

Because too any of my coreligionists have bought the Democrat party line hook, line and sinker. There was also some historical issues with the Republican party and antipathy to Jews, but much of that seems to have jumped parties.

Too many of them culturally identify with SJW type themes and think social justice and all related ideas is great and an extension of concepts of charity and doing good deeds. It isn't but they like to think it is. They also think FDR was great for Jews all that when in fact he did his best to keep Jewish refugees out of the country in their time of need.

They're also locked into the misleading belief that antisemitism is a solely right-wing phenomenon whereas the vast majority of antisemitism these days, along with most of the antisemitic related violence is coming off the left side of the spectrum.

Some of them may finally be waking up,given the acceptance of antisemitism on the left recently (cough Ilhan Omar, Farrkhan, etc) but too many have put socialism/social justice and their association with the left before their religious and cultural identities.

Beans said...

The only camp survivor I ever met hated the Democrats, hated with a passion FDR, and hated her 'people' for being so damned two-faced stupid about socialism and liberalism.

Her husband? A Russian Jew who barely escaped those pogroms.

Both of them delighted in going to Temple and stirring trouble amongst the more 'liberal' (really leftist secularists) of the Temple members, usually including the Rabbis, too.

I, personally, would have reasonably expected people of Jewish persuasion to be staunch conservatives. Which shocked me when I realized they are the opposite.

grendel said...

They vote democrat because they hate Christians, and they always have Israel to escape to when they've destroyed america.

McChuck said...

The Jews will always lean Democrat because the Democrats are the anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-America party.

And then they will be surprised by what happens to them after the Americans are finally replaced.


Thanks for the shout-out and link. :)

Just posted another one.


Russ Lindquist said...

Hey Borepatch,

How are those endless ZOG wars going for you "conservatives"? Like I said before: Do not support the troops. They are, at best, credulous; yet often enough simply malevolent.

~Russ Lindquist

Oh btw: I'm a veteran. #PlotTwist. Enjoy.


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