Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Quote of the Day: Blowing things up edition

Miguel is simply unimprovable here:
If I ever have enough money to go back to school and get another degree, I am going go to New Mexico Tech and get a Masters in Explosives Engineering in association with the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center. 
I cannot imagine anything cooler than saying “I have an advanced degree in slowing shit up.”
But then he rolls up his sleeves, spits on his hands, and methodically blows up the new Democratic Party.


Ratus said...

Uhhh... BP.

That was "Posted by J. Kb" not Miguel.

K thx bye

Miguel GFZ said...

J.Kb. can write, that is why I "hired" him :)

Old NFO said...

LOL, just like Colorado School of Mines curriculum... :-)

waepnedmann said...

One of the many bad decisions I made as a young person was that I had been accepted at what was then the New Mexico Institute of Mining Technology (now New Mexico Tech) and made the decision to spend some time at a local community college first.
I was dumb.
I toured the campus and was fascinated by using explosives to weld steel plates together.
I was really really dumb.

Unknown said...

Friend of mine got an Explosives Permit so he could buy dynamite to blast out for the foundation of his weekend cabin in Eastern Oregon.

He had to answer two questions:

1. Are you, or have you ever, been adjudged insane?

2. Are you addicted to marijuana?

This was in the 70's.