Tuesday, September 11, 2018

My thoughts on 9/11

Since September 12, 2001 we have lost 6800 combat dead and almost 60,000 wounded.  I'm not sure where this war is going, what the goals or victory criteria are, or how much longer to expect dead and wounded troops to come back from over seas.

Photo copyright Borepatch.  You can see these at Arlington far too often
It's been 17 years since we were attacked, and here we are.


libertyman said...

Wars used to end, they do not seem to anymore.

LindaG said...

Wars used to have a defined enemy. They don't seem to any more.

Beans said...

Civilization has been fighting this war since 610AD.

How many people remember the real causes of the Crusades, or why the 1st Crusade army sacked Jerusalem? How many remember the fall of Acre, the sieges of Malta and Vienna? The Battle of Lepanto, where the Pope knew the moment the battle was won so many miles away? Or why Vlad got his nickname? Or what campaign the USS Constitution first fought in?

We will continue to bleed and lose good people until WE stand up and crush our enemy. Until we reach our Deus Vult moment.

LindaG. We have a defined enemy. They stand in our streets and shout against us. They support those of them who actively kill and maim us. We've never had a more-defined enemy.

Imperial Japan thought they could shock us into leaving them alone. The NAZIs thought the same. They were less ideologically defined than our current and continuous enemy. And that, horrible as it sounds, is true.

LindaG said...

Beans... I see what you are saying. And you are right. It is a terrible realization.

TCK said...

This war has lasted more than a millennium, as others have pointed out, and it won't end until we give murderous followers of the child-raping 'prophet' and his wicked god the Full Carthage.

Islam Delenda Est.

Stewart said...

33,000 murdered at the hands of Islam since 9/11. Over 700 full battles against Islamic armies since 600AD. Where there is Islam there is no peace it must be cut out to the last individual. Do not doubt it.