Thursday, September 20, 2018

Electronic voting machines - still unsafe at any speed

The user interface for some of these is confusing and may lead voters to cast a ballot without printing/verifying it.  In other words, allow unauditable votes to be cast.  These, of course, are the ones that Bad Guys will tweak to change elections.

Stalin would have had the designers all shot.


Jess said...

Without any tangible proof, and voting machine can be manipulated in many ways, or remove a right due to a technical issue. The solution is paper ballots; and if they need the money for the process, sell a park, or fire some bureaucrats.

Gorges Smythe said...

I agree; I'd much rather take a chance with "hanging chads."

Richard said...

The Democrat Party is perfectly capable and willing to commit vote fraud with any technology. That is the problem and it is solved by putting people in prison, not tinkering with the tech.

Old NFO said...

And a lot of them have PC Anywhere loaded... sigh...

Eagle said...

We use heavy paper ballots that are marked with a felt-tip marker and fed thru an electronic reader.

I was on a recount committee several years back, and it's amazing how some folks can't "fill in the box" or "blacken the box". They circle the box, or circle the candidate. Some will blacken the box, then cross it out and blacken another box.

The committee's job was to try to determine the voter's intention. When the box was circled, I agreed that it was a valid vote. When one box was filled in, then crossed out, then a different box filled it, I accepted that it was the different box.

But in some cases, some boxes weren't filled in - and I objected to counting that vote for either candidate. And, in some cases, multiple boxes were filled in (5 boxes filled in for a "select 3" option) - and I objected to any of those votes being counted.

Paper ballots work. A legitimate recount is possible.

BTW: the original vote held, but by a slightly lower count.

Murphy(AZ) said...

-Valid proof of identity before you vote.
-Paper ballot, as above, counted by a machine proven to be accurate.
-An openly visible, indelible ink mark, say on a fingertip or the back of a hand, to prevent voting more than once.
-Early votes should be presented in person at a secure collection station.

These might not prevent voter fraud, but they'll sure cut back on it.

Unknown said...