Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Climate change ship of fools

The Press has given us 20 years of "hottest year EVAH" stories which, while not convincing governments to tank their economies via a huge carbon tax seemingly has convinced a lot of people that the world is, well, hotter than it's ever been.  The wages of listening to scientists these days is sometimes high indeed:

Ice crushes sailboat trying to navigate the Northwest Passage; two people had to be rescued by the Canadian Coast Guard. (article in German, but Google Translate will give you the gist)

The Northwest Passage is the sea route across the top of North America.  People have tried for centuries to find a reliable way to sail there because it would vastly shorten the distance a ship must go between Europe and east Asia.  Henry Hudson (of Hudson's Bay fame) died in 1611 looking for the Passage, as did the entire crew of the two ship Franklin expedition in the 1840s.  It took until 1906 for Roald Amundsen to successfully navigate it, and remember that he was the first man to get to the South Pole and return alive.

So even with all of these "hottest years EVAH" this latest ship was crushed by the ice and sank, in the middle of summer.

Ya know, if all this Global Warming science were as settled as everyone tells me, you'd think you'd see evidence falling off the trees supporting warming.  Strange how I keep seeing all sorts of evidence that nothing is really changing much.

Interestingly, they went down in the ice a day's sail past Baffin Island.  Schooner Fare did a song about a whaler locked up in the ice off Baffin Island, back in the day.  Libertyman for sure will recognize this.


LSP said...

Thanks for the shanty. I know the news cycle is ridiculously fast these days but perhaps you remember the story of the man who was killed by a polar bear the other week?

Thus perish all who refuse to pay the Weather Tax!

libertyman said...

Ah yes, what a song! Many pleasant memories associated with the evenings spent with Schooner Fare.

SiGraybeard said...

They beat that ship in the Antarctic a year or two ago, in the competition for a Darwin Award. Those people (also looking for evidence of how bad the warming is) got stuck but their boat didn't go down. These Darwin candidates had to abandon ship or die and stay on the ice floe.

Borepatch said...

LSP, the shanty is pretty typical of the group. If you like this one you'll find others from them on Youtube. Libertyman and I wasted a lot of our respective undergraduate evenings in the bars listening to them live.

Graybeard, I remember the southern expedition, and (IIRC) New Zealand did sue the group to recoup rescue costs which were pretty high.