Wednesday, September 5, 2018


I corresponded with George Austin over the years - he was a frequent commenter here any I was a sometimes commenter there.  His passing made me think on epitaphs, and that his was written by no less than Hemmingway himself, who once said:
You can tell a story with six words.  "For sale, baby shoes.  Never worn."
George once wrote nine that hit me hard at the time and which remain with me today:
Father’s Days are no longer happy days for me.
There's an entire book captured in those words.  Rest in peace, George.


Dan said...


Old NFO said...

He was a good guy. At least he's now with Molly, and no longer hurting.

Glen Filthie said...

Never ran into him. If his friends are any indication- he must have been a hell of a guy.