Friday, June 15, 2018

Thoughts on the FBI Inspector General's report

You don't become an FBI Agent if you're stupid.  You are trying to catch criminals, so you have to know how to gather evidence that will be enough to convict.  You know how to turn over rocks to see what scurries away.

And so it's sort of mind blowing to see the sorts of text message discussions that are detailed in the IG report.  Go easy on the Hillary investigation because she's going to be President, that sort of thing.  FBI Agents know that text messages can be used as evidence - they've gathered evidence this way themselves.  So why were they so seemingly careless about doing it themselves?

The only answer that makes sense is that they didn't think that any of this would come to light.  They didn't think that anyone would turn over their rock.

The next obvious question, of course, is which other Agencies have this going on?  Are there, say, texts from EPA employees about "hiding the decline"?  Are there texts from IRS Agents about the Tea Party?

I wrote a long time ago (too lazy to find it in the 12,000 posts here) that Democrats should be invested in good governance because they are the party of big government.  The FBI IG report is a disaster for the Democratic Party because what's in the 500 pages of the report will dribble out, chinese water torture like, over weeks and months leading up to the election.  What's there is dirty, although perhaps not criminal.  That dirt will stick to the brand of governance in general, and the party of big government in particular.

It will be made worse by the inclination of the Democratic politicians to down play this as not important.  People want their government to be honest, and hearing the Usual Suspects saying that this isn't dishonest will make them look dirty.


Old NFO said...

Sadly, it's no longer about what's GOOD for the country, it's all agenda with the Dems... Dammit!

Andrew Wetzel said...

The Bureaucrats, a good portion of them, especially higher up in the ranks, think that they ARE better than us, which means the rules to rule us don't apply to them.

I've seen it working with law enforcement. Especially dealing with the federales. DEA agents exist to write reports, and tend to use local cops seconded to their local office as the actual workerbees that do all the work.

I hope that all of this will result in a mass-firing of people, but I am just too cynical to actually have any real hope of it occurring.

And, funny, the more Democrat leaning the individual is, the more corrupt they seem to be. Not saying that there aren't corrupt Republicans out there, but just not as many in the same class of low-life scum as their more lefty-leaning brothers and sisters.

Jerry said...

I had the "pleasure" of working with the FBI for about a week when an interstate fugitive went to ground in my county. My gut feeling was what a clown posse. The one I will never forget was the fool in an FBI jumpsuit, black FBI cap, mirror shades at 9 pm and sporting a pair of shoulder holsters with a MAC-10 in each holster.

Chris said...

Intelligence is entirely separate from the ability to "see ourselves as others see us." (with apologies to Mr. Burns)

Unknown said...

I think all FBI are scum ! And that is just the FBI way.