Saturday, June 16, 2018

Associated Press: the Democrat's winning strategy

It seems like they're not tired of all the winning they've been through lately:
It’s not one size fits all, with every candidate checking every box wanted by the activists driving the opposition to President Donald Trump and the GOP Congress, and Democratic voters typically aren’t tapping the most liberal choices in targeted districts. But, taken together, the crop of nominees is trending more liberal than many of the “Blue Dog” Democrats swept away in Republicans’ 2010 midterm romp. 
That means voters now represented by a Republican will be asked to consider some or all of the mainstream Democratic priorities that may have been considered “too liberal” in the past: more government involvement in health insurance, tighter gun laws, a path to citizenship for people in the country illegally, reversing parts of the GOP tax law, support for LGBTQ rights.
Ignore that Trump is an effect, not a cause.  Keep focusing on him, Democrats.  It's not eight years of over the top leftie policies, nope, no way, nada, no no no.

Double down of what got Trump elected - this time it will be totally more effective.  Do it again, only harder this time.

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Hat tip: The Queen Of The World, who is not tired of all the winning either.


SiGraybeard said...

It's not eight years of over the top leftie policies, nope, no way, nada, no no no.

You'd think that some of the Democrats would realize the reason most of Obama's legacy has been swept away was that it was enacted extra-constitutionally. Well, executive orders are constitutional, but orders go into and out of existence at the stroke of a pen. Things passed as regulations by executive branch agencies shared the same fate. Laws passed through the real process are harder to get rid of, which is why Obamacare was never fully repealed, just spayed in a few ways.

Nobody seems to realize that when the other guys get back in power, as they surely will, all of those things change.

It's not supposed to be this way.

Jester said...

I hate to say it but there is a lot of derangement out there, both sides sure but the left is really bringing in the folks that think they know all but are deaf, dumb and blind even to their own misfortunes. I'm not really a Trump fan but he's getting things done that people want. Same as what folks assumed under Obama. The difference seems to be is that Trump is speaking to as many people as possible, all the folks that are hurting and is not taking a lot of shit in the process. Obama and a lot of the left is speaking only to specific special interest groups of people. (Not speaking on the business interests in this instance.) The left only speaks to those special groups and when the groups get smaller and smaller they are determined to get louder and louder with what ever they have to say and the outrage seems to grow. Meanwhile the rest of anyone that's living in a reality most people can see are tired of the endless war machine on their lives and dreams. I may have to admit that I was wrong on a lot of things. Something else the left can't do. If nothing else Trump is exposing the Media, Congress and the favored interest person groups for what they really are to most Americans. And that is why he will win again in a even more crushing manner.

Unknown said...

"Do it again, only harder this time."

This has been the Democratic mantra for decades.

Oh? The tax increase hasn't solved our deficit? MOAR TAXES!!
Oh? The guns laws didn't stop a criminal from killing? MOAR LAWZ!!!
Oh? Our kids aren't doing as well in school? MOAR DIVERSITY DEANS!!!

Richard said...

Dangerous strategy. When they get back in power, we are totally screwed. Only safe solution is to oppress them into seceding and then let them go.