Thursday, June 7, 2018

Lousy Security finally costs a company some sales

A year ago I wrote about the incredible lack of security in CloudPet toys, a set of holes so wide that someone could turn the "smart" toys into recording devices to spy on your kids.  A year later, no security fixes have been released, and retailers are pulling the toys from their catalogs:
Amazon on Tuesday stopped selling CloudPets, a network-connected family of toys, in response to security and privacy concerns sounded by browser maker and internet community advocate Mozilla. 
The move follows similar actions taken by Walmart and Target last week. And other sellers of the toy are said to be considering similar action. Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment but CloudPets have vanished from its website.
Let's see: Amazon, Wallmart, and Target - that reduces your addressable market a bit now, don't it?  And this is hilarious (if entirely expected):
Spiral Toys, the maker of CloudPets, did not immediately respond to inquiries.
Not sure how big a hit this is to their bottom line, but their combination of incompetence and lack of diligence in fixing this deserves a big hit.


McChuck said...

Spiral Toys: California and Hong Kong. Current stock price: $0.0022. Website is unavailable. Company's previous name: Rocap Marketing.

JayNola said...

That's my favorite demotivator. Unfortunately it's been retired from

Borepatch said...

Jay, I love that Demotivator.