Friday, June 22, 2018

Quote of the Day: Laser Pointer edition

This (about Trump's Executive Order on immigration and detaining families together rather than splitting them up), while impossible to argue with, is only the set up:
The EO is rope-a-dope trolling at the Master Class level. 
1) Trump issues EO.
2) Court overturns it, because it violates the consent decree agreed to by the Clinton administration.
3) Trump shrugs and says, "See? I can't break the law. So either fix it yourselves, congressional sh*tweasels, or f**k off, idiots. I don't care which. Mid-terms are coming for you @$$clowns. Go do nothing somewhere else." 
And the federal courts are triple-boned on this:
either they decline to review the EO, and cede their authority to the President (not going to happen),
or they overrule their prior ruling, and cede their authority back to the executive branch (not going to happen),
or they strike down the EO, and we go right back to throwing the illegal little bastards right back in the same cages into which they've been placed non-stop since the early 1990s, by three prior presidents before Trump came into office.
(That's a win-win-win hat trick, if you're keeping score at home.)
And here's the delivery:
If you get worried, realize that the average sh*tweasel in Congress (either house, but the Senate is generally far dopier) has the IQ, at best, of a housecat, and that President Trump has proven, thus far, to be a Jedi Master of the laser pointer , in this analogy. It's really only that complicated.
That's some top shelf snark, yessir.

But I'm certain that next time they'll totally have Trump outsmarted, yessir.  Next time for sure.  Smartest kids in class.

It's starting to look like it's redundant for me to have a post tag for both Donald Trump and for My Little Troll.

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LSP said...

And behold, the fauxtrage fizzles like a malfunctioning Soviet rocket. They have lots to spare however, annoyingly.