Friday, June 8, 2018

More Climate data tampering

This time it's tidal gauges - the devices that measure whether sea level is going up or down.  We're told that Global Warming is making the seas rise and we'll all be flooded out.  Strangely, it seems that some of the reported rise is because the databases no longer record data from sensors that report that sea levels are falling:
In performing todays’ analysis, I visited again the PSMSL and the SONEL web sites, and I discovered how the “adjustocene” progresses within intergovernmental projects.
  • PSMSL does not link any more the Fremantle tide gauge information to the SONEL page of the PERT GPS dome.
  • SONEL, that proposes the computed absolute sea level rises by correcting the relative rate of rise from the tide gauge with the subsidence rate from the GPS monitoring, does not propose any more the absolute rate of rise negative for Fremantle.
If you look at the images of Figure 2, with the same time window for the online graph, with reference to two years ago, the negative absolute sea level rise of Fremantle has disappeared, similarly to the negative absolute sea level rise of a Japanese tide gauge.
As I've been complaining about for nigh on a decade, the data have been fiddled.

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Chris said...

It's as if the warmists blamed the sinking of the Titanic on a sudden rise in sea levels. Heh.