Friday, June 22, 2018

Proof that Al Gore was smarter than Albert Einstein

OK, follow the logic here.

Rick emails to point out that a 100 year old Einstein prediction has just been confirmed:
Predictions made about gravity by Einstein more than a century ago have been proved correct on a massive scale. 
In 1915, the German-born physicist claimed that gravity is the result of massive objects warping the very fabric of the universe, what he called spacetime. 
Experts have since been able to test his theory of General Relativity within our own solar system and prove his groundbreaking work holds up to scrutiny.

Now, researchers have conducted the largest scale experiment ever conducted and found that the same forces affect entire galaxies.
Pretty cool, right?  So you'd think that old Albert was a bit smarter than young Al, right?  Except that the science of Global Warming is settled, amirite?  And that isn't more than 30 years old or so.  So young Al was 3 times quicker to "settled science" than old Albert was.

Of course, Einstein could have done it faster if he had $100B in research grants to hand out.

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LSP said...

I like this post for its quick thinking, kinetic last paragraph.