Sunday, June 17, 2018

Gustav Holst - The Planets: Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age

The Romans considered Saturn to be the father of the Gods, and their temple to him on the forum was (and remains) impressive.  The temple is gone except for the columned portico, shown in the left of the picture here.

Saturn was a big deal to them, so much so that the state treasury was housed there.  Saturn also had a somewhat associated with time, and the year end festival of saturnalia was a time for revelry and celebration.  This may be a bit odd for the father of the Gods, but today is Father's Day, so what the heck.

Gustav Holst included a movement for Saturn in his indispensable "The Planets" - unquestionably his most famous composition.  It was ironic; according to his daughter he seems to have hated conducting it, but couldn't really avoid doing so.

But the music is great, so happy Father's Day!

This is an interesting listener's guide to Saturn:


libertyman said...

One of the first classical LPs I bought was Holst's Planets. I like the explanation that you included as well. As always an education with our Sunday music postings!

(On the porch in Maine as I type this, come on up!)

libertyman said...

Oh, and Happy Father's Day!!