Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The most important security action you can take today

WiFi security is in the news (including here), but remember that an attacker has to be physically close to you to attack you with this new technique.  So keep calm and focus on a real security risk where someone can attack you from afar.

Flash is the first major internet video technology.  It is also a sewer of security vulnerabilities, and the single biggest attach vector used by the Bad Guys.  These days, Flash has been replaced by other more secure technologies, so you really don't want it on your computer.

Here are instructions on how to uninstall Flash.  This is without doubt the single most important security step you can take.


Jerry said...

Let's be frank. There is the old name for gun control. They were called Jim Crow laws. Identity politics is Separate But Equal rebranded and Cuomo's recent free college proposal was literally indentured servitude. Do the Democrats have any really progressive ideas?

B said...

Not sure what Jerry is commenting on ....

What replaces Flash when viewing movies or videos?

LindaG said...

What has replaced flash? A lot of websites still use it.
Appreciate the informative posts.

Borepatch said...

B, I think he was commenting on a post from yesterday.

But Flash has been replaced by HTML 5. There are admittedly a few sites that still require it, but not a lot. And Adobe is killing it, so those sites will upgrade to HTML 5 or go the way of the dodo bird.