Wednesday, October 4, 2017

I'm sure there's a story about this


Jeffrey Smith said...

I will give you a better one.

In the cemetery where my mother is buried, there is a double headstone. On one side, the wife, with name and dates (she passed away c 2000), like normal. On the other side, obviously the husband's side, what are obviously instructions to the stonemason.. Since the wife lived into her late 80s, given the passage of years, either he is still alive and about 100 years old, or he ended up buried elsewhere. But still, engraved for all to see : PLEASE LEAVE BLANK FOR LATER.

Roy said...

...or, he could have died shortly after his wife, (happens all the time), never saw the headstone because he died before it was actually delivered, and is buried right there next to her under "blank for later".

Hey, stranger things have happened.