Thursday, June 22, 2017

So is it really "so hot that planes can't fly"?

Well, not really.  The Silicon Graybeard explains.

You won't get this sort of analysis from the (worthless) MSM.


Brigid said...

He has a good explanation. With regards to just taking off with less weight as one commenter over there suggested - many airplanes do not have performance calculations above 120 or so degrees, so legally at that point if you take off you are a test pilot and lawyers will be drooling if something goes awry. Having been based in the desert that issue canceled more flights than anything but of course, the instant it dropped below what ever the max temp on the "spaghetti charts" as we called them back in the day, off we went.

Richard said...

The MSM isn't useless. It is very helpful to leftists.