Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How the NSA caught the Intercept leaker

Interesting analysis of printer microdots.

Not sure that I agree that this is a 3rd Amendment violation, though.  Remember, it's really hard to hide your data transmissions from the NSA.  If you're using their hardware, I'd imagine that it's as close as you're likely to get to functionally impossible.

UPDATE 6 June 2017 14:15: It appears that the leaker was exceptionally dim, not only printing the document from her NSA computer but emailing the Intercept using her personal Gmail account from the same computer.

But it's early, and the story is evolving.  This make be "fake news".


Fred said...

The story that needs to be told is the leak that revealed the US can read Russian Federation communications. Now they will change codes, methods and we'll spend billions and years trying to break them. All that given up because the "resistance" has such hatred for Trump that they will damage US national security rather than see him continue in office. Lots of people need to be in jail, not just this damned idiot.

Ken said...

Every single photo I have seen of this individual just screams "There's a little thing called character, and I don't have any." Is it just me? What are the hiring criteria at this outfit?