Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Explaining the Georgia election

Good analysis by Erick Erickson who lives there:
In 2016, Rodney Stooksbury got 38.3% of the vote in Georgia’s sixth congressional district after spending only around $1000.00. Less than a year later, Democrats spent $30million to get only ten percent more of the vote and still lose.
He has ten take-aways about the election that seem pretty sensible.  Since that was my old district before I moved to Castle Borepatch, I never thought that Ossoff had a chance.  This election tested the proposition that with enough thrust you can even make an aircraft carrier fly.  In politics, it seems that this may not be true.


matism said...

Do note that it is not all that clear whether the new Rep. Handel is a Rove Republican. She may not be, or that might be the core of her beliefs. Either way, this should not be construed as a validation of President Trump's favorability, since she avoided mentioning him at all. Just as a loss by her should not have been considered a rejection of him. Although it most certainly would have been, with every Rove Republican in this country jumping on that bandwagon...

Tony Tsquared said...

A bigger question is Ossoff still going to marry his girl friend or have they called it off due to the unforeseen loss?