Friday, June 9, 2017

Pity the poor little server

Nobody had heard of the UK Democratic Union Party, a marginal party with a handful of seats in Parliament.  Then UK Prime Minister Theresa May's cunning plan backfired, and her party lost in the snap election that she called - the Tories don't have enough seats to form a government.

Enter the DUP - their 10 seats added to the Tory's 316 would give May just enough.  And so people (reasonably) wanted to find out just who these fellows were.  Consulting the oracle of the Google, they were led to the DUP's web site.  In their thousands.

And the poor little server couldn't handle the load:
The Democratic Union Party's website has crashed as people woke this morning to google the group that may play kingmaker after the Tories fell short of a majority in the UK general election. 
The DUP is the largest unionist political party in Northern Ireland and was founded by Ian Paisley. It has previosuly opposed same-sex marriage and abortion. 
Sadly, no more information can be derived about the party from its own site, which reads: "The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later."
Maybe part of the deal to form a coalition government could be a bigger server and some more bandwidth.


Rick C said...

Man, if only people knew about the Wayback Machine, so this party wouldn't be a mystery!

Katabasis said...

Check out some of the DUP's actual policies.

It's like a long lost tribe of genuine conservatives.

If the tories had gone with policies like this they would have won many more seats:

Borepatch said...

Katabasis, I'm not very up on UK politics, so don't have an opinion on whether a conservative platform would have helped the Tories. A lot of the UK seems very liberal, even socialist.

That said, Guido Fawkes has been pretty accurate in the past.

What's clear as day is that Theresa May massively miscalculated the election. I don't see how she stays on after this,

Katabasis said...

We were offered a choice, between Labour and Tories of Socialism heavy and Socialism Light, respectively.

Anyone who wanted some form of Socialism naturally went for the 'more free stuff' option. Those of us who wanted something along the lines of smaller-state conservativism had nowhere to go.

lee n. field said...

Ian Paisley? Oh, that sounds like fun.