Monday, July 11, 2016

Donald Trump and the Destabilization Of America

Kevin looks at the Obama Administration's efforts to "Fundamentally Change" America:
It has been said that Western societies are "high-trust" societies, that is, members of these societies trust their fellow citizens and the various institutions that keep the systems running.  We trust each other to (in the majority) behave honorably.  We trust the police to identify and apprehend the suspect when our fellow citizens fail our trust.  We trust the justice system to try and punish, if necessary, those suspects.  We trust the banks to hold our money and at least not lose it.  We trust our media to report the facts.  We trust our government to treat us fairly.

And how much of what I just wrote above is true today?
He traces the stages of destabilization as practiced by the KGB during the Cold War.  It's quite interesting, and you should go RTWT.

What's interesting is that Trump's "Make America Great Again" message is targeted precisely at this perceived destabilization effort.   Trump is engaging in memetic warfare - he's the only Republican to do so since Reagan, in fact.  I suspect this is why Obama seems so continually annoyed at Trump, in a way he's not at the other Republicans.

And so they will do everything they can think of to make Hillary President.  Amidst a world wide crisis of governmental legitimacy, they will ensure that if she does go into the Oval Office, she will go in with no ability to govern.  It may be that THAT is the crisis, with Obama waiting in the wings to come and "restore unity".

I'm not saying that it's a particularly good plan.  But I wonder if it is the plan.


padriac be damned said...

your goat cannot be scaped for all that you think is wrong with the State of the USA.

there have been many pressures, groups, individuals and politicians that have left us in this state, not just your boy Trump.

Unknown said...

padriac - did we read different posts?

I didn't get the impression that he was accusing Trump of anything beyond actively using a message that is completely counter to the Progressive/Regressive agenda. It's very hard to counter "Make America Great Again." The argument itself pisses off progressives because they don't really want to come out and say - "Distroy America becuase we hate it."

Anything that annoys the regressive left is - in my mind - worth doing.

lee n. field said...

You're just a fountain of optimism.

Interesting observation about Trump and memetic warfare.

Borepatch said...

Padriac, Trump isn't "my boy". But it's interesting how many people he annoys.