Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I'm skeptical about the whole "Russian Hackers got into the DNC email"

I'm increasingly skeptical that Vlad Putin hacked the DNC email servers and released the emails to help get Donald Trump elected.  Sure, it could have happened, but a number of things have me saying "Hmmmm":

1. While the Russians certainly have the capability to do a hack like this, I don't see the motive.  If they want to get Trump elected, why not release the emails from Hillary's servers?  That would be much more damaging than the DNC emails which haven't really done anything other than make Bernie Bros angry.  Letting it be known that they were reading her email while negotiating with them would be terribly damaging.

2. The story about Russian hackers came out almost immediately after the Wikileaks announcement.  How on earth would anyone have been able to know who did the hack in that short a period?  The Press picked this up and mouthed the story as you would expect from Running Dog Lackeys of the Democratic Party, but there's very little evidence being offered.

3. There are other plausible actors who would be more embarrassing to the Democrats.  It's not beyond belief that an IT Administrator was a closet Bernie Bro who caught a whiff of what was going on, and leaked the emails to Wikileaks.

All in all, I'm taking a wait and see approach to this.  But for now, I'm not buying the "Hacked by Rookies" thing.


cryptical said...

I read somewhere that the DNC suspected an intrusion a while ago, they got a firm in who identified two groups working independently and seemingly unaware of the others presence. Both Russian, one was the GRU and I don't recall the other one, perhaps some Russian cyberwarfare group.

But it doesn't sound like it'd be that hard to get in, so saying the Russians were all over their systems doesn't exclude other actors getting access.

cryptical said...


SiGraybeard said...

There's a difference between saying two known Russian hackers broke into the DNC and that "Russia" did it. The latter implies they were working for the country in some way: state-supported. It's not mutually exclusive to say Russian hackers did it but Russia didn't.

I've been waiting for Putin or someone from Russia to come forward with Hillary's lost/missing emails and say, "here they are", with a "just trying to be helpful" message, but I don't see that happening because of the view in point 1. Paraphrasing, it could be much more damning to have the emails on Hillary once she's seriously running or even in office. Sort of the inverse of the famous Red Phone, it would be the Black Phone - the daily blackmail phone call.

Of course, since the FBI/DOJ are corrupt from top to bottom and apparently wouldn't prosecute her no matter what she did, how could they possibly blackmail her?